Issue Pulled from Comments

I pulled this from a comment I made in answer to another commenter on a post shortly after last Tuesday’s hijacking of the election.

I cannot count the number of, well, not conversations exactly but whatever passes for one with leftards that all had the same dynamic:

Leftard spouts Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind/Dhimmicrappic talking points as though they were graven in stone and delivered by a secular humanist commie bastard Moses.

I present verifiable facts.

Leftard calls said facts lies, because they do not match his talking points.

Therein lies the central disconnect, IMO. Leftards are delusional (or deliberate, witting liars. It’s often quite difficult to tell which is which), while the REAL reality-based folks are left wondering who screwed up the leftards’ p-sych meds, whenever they encounter one or more of them…

The political “middle” is now composed of

1. The stupid, gullible and ignorant: sheeple who are the natural “base” of the Dhimmicrappic Party.
2. The greedy, which is of two classes. a. Those who just want the government to give them “free cake”. b. Those who are busy bilking the public purse with massive fraud (at best).
3. The unconscious, those who wander the earth from one prodding stimulus to the next.

Moving to “the middle” is societal suicide. Waking the unconscious, excoriating the corrupt and weaning the “free cakers” is the only way to save society.

This is, of course, an extremely simplistic (and hence “wrong” on detail) model, but it’s roughly true, for all its shortcomings.

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