“Now I lay me down to sleep… “

As I head off for bed, the Hivemind is calling it for their candidate. “Bylines for Barry” has worked tirelessly to re-elect the monster, and they’re saying it is so. *shrug* It may well be so. If so, the margin of victory for The Zero in each so-called “battleground state” has been… the votes for Gary Johnson. “Principled” voters who hate the way the country is headed have assured that the 120mph speed at which the Dhimmicraps are running the country toward a precipice and utter, complete and absolute ruin will continue unchecked, not slowed but more likely speeded up (after all, what checks on overweening exercise of executive orders, illegally withheld EPA agendas, etc. will there be on a lame duck presidency?). Or to use another analogy, “principled” voters have decided the country’s house deserves to be burned to the ground and hope their own strange bird will rise from the ashes.

Thanks, asshats. I wish you the joy of your achievement.

And for all those who actually voted directly to burn America’s house to the ground, you may well rot in hell. Not wishing you there, but those who actively support evil have no assurance that it will not devour them as well.

(I will note, as the graphic below illustrates, that as of 10:55 CT Ohio is still very, very close… A guy can at least dream, with numbers like that, you know?)

Note: As of 6:55 a.m. November 7, Ohio still hasn’t reported all precincts and the count remains close there, but… it’s still just as close–and within the “asshats with so-called principles” margin nearly everywhere that would have counted. Oh, well. Anyone want to “go Galt” with me?

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