Oh, The Joys of Typos

Not. Recently, I added a plugin to *cough* “optimize” a few things that needed tweaking around here, more or less “automagically”. Thing is, it did require a wee bit of input from me, and, as you know, my typing technique is, again more or less, urm, more or less, less.

In the blog title entry, I left out an “O”. No, not the one that would have been inconsequential and an obvious typo. The other one.

No wonder I have been receiving some weird porn SPAM comments the last few days… *heh*

Oh. Well.

Many thanks to the great guy at Bluehost tech support who ran it down for me. And shame on both my regular visitors for not telling me sooner. *heh*

2 Replies to “Oh, The Joys of Typos”

    1. It showed up in a meta file that web crawlers see (hence the porn comment SPAM) and whenever one hovered over the tab in a modern browser. Was my face red… 😉

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