Which Side Are You On?

The Zero–0dumbo, The Great Obamassiah, he who has accomplished nothing but the personal destruction of his rivals on the way to being handed unearned plum after unearned plum, has finally, openly and relentlessly admitted his rabid antipathy to those who work hard and smart, who risk what they have to gain more and make real contributions to their community–jobs, an expanded tax base, goods and services people actually want–and his desire to rob the Makers to give to the Takers (leeches, mooches, layabouts and thieves).

Now, I’m not much of a Maker, but I do try to offer a positive worth to my community. My actual creative/inventive contributions have been small*, but I don’t leech off my neighbors and others who work hard to further their own legitimate interests, and I try diligently to fully pay my taxes, even though most of it is spent on things that have NO constitutional justification whatsoever (no matter how many threadbare lies politicians use as fig leaves). Given the aggressive, unchecked–actively encouraged by the “feddle gummint”!–growth of dubious “disability” claims and food stamp use over the past couple of years, I’m sure I could also get my own illegitimate piece of someone else’s pie, but I don’t hate myself, my family and my neighbors enough to do something like that.

Heck, I don’t even hate rich Dhimmicraps enough to sponge off their dime.

How about you?

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