I Really Need to Ameliorate My Tinnitus

Sometimes it’s so distracting I mishear background stuff. For example, a TV commercial I heard as,

“Introducing the evil 4G

The sheer noise level of the tinnitus is really that distracting a times.

I don’t watch much TV. This was while sharing some “being there” time while my Wonder Woman was watching one of the (very, very) few TV shows she watches via our cable subscription.

Evo 4G

2 Replies to “I Really Need to Ameliorate My Tinnitus”

    1. I’m told it has to do with various factors, TF: energy levels, Vitamin B levels, stressors (which can sometimes be unexpected or energy-consuming “eustress” or good things), ambient sound levels or kinds of sounds, attention/focus, etc.

      I’m still waiting for the FDA (Feddle DumbAsses) to approve the focused sound/vagus nerve stimulation treatments. So far, in rat experiments and human trials, it has around an 80% success in reducing or even eliminating tinnitus. Side effects? Apparently some frequency “holes” are created in some subjects. I could live with that. Just.

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