Big Brother’s Sister’s Keywords

Well, Janet Napolitano’s Goon Squad has assembled a list of keywords that will flag your Internet activity for government spying. First Amendment? Notsomuch anymore. It’s 1984, just a wee tad behind time. (Well, we’ve already had Newspeak for quite some time from “feddle gummint bureacraps”, politicians *gag-spew* and the Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind; now we get thugs spying on our exercise of a fundamental right.)

Is anyone surprised by this? If so, I have a question for ya: Been living under a rock in Outer Mongolia?

6 Replies to “Big Brother’s Sister’s Keywords”

  1. Hm. Looks like a reblog post. I should make an effort from here on out to use every one of these in every post. In metadata tags, stuff like that. But with the extensive list she has going here, her stormtroopers of data are going to have their hands full as it is, I hope.

  2. I put out a challenge to all my fellow writers, figure out a way to use as many of those trigger words in one article as you can. The winner gets treated to cookies and milk and regular visits depending on which gulag you end up in.

    1. Too much like work for me. I’ll just keep on using whatever words STRIKE my fancy, keep on SHOOTING at anarcho-tyrannists’ clay feet*, and hope my fellow citizens come down with an ATTACK of conscience and decide to TARGET these goons with righteous wrath, evoking TERROR in their tiny lil brains at the RESPONSE they have brought about.

      Just sayin’.

      Oh, and you can keep the cookies. Not much for baked goods, myself. 😉

      *Keeping in mind that Janet Napolitano’s Goon Squad is heavily-populated with GRE-failures who aren’t competent enough to get jobs as burger-flippers, I’m sure most of them won’t be able to recognize the metaphorical speech. F*n dumbasses.

  3. Hmm….I could be wrong, but after checking out the source (the original government document), it sounds like it’s more a case of Homeland Security being lazy and/or trying to save money. Rather than having their own people spend time and money and effort researching the news to keep tabs on potential terrorism or terrorism related incidents or other potential disasters that could mean mass casualties, they are going to use the social media to do that for them.

    So, when you do a post and use any of the words in the list, the monitoring system they’ve set up will flag it so someone can take a look and see if there’s an incident going on that Homeland Security needs to know about.

    Now, I could be wrong, but it looks like more of a case of Homeland Security using you as an unwitting agent giving info to the department, rather than snooping on citizens.

    Either way, it’s irritating. If I’m going to be doing their legwork, I should damn well get paid for it.

    In any case, I think it will still be fun to gum up the works with hundreds (hundreds of thousands across the nation) of posts that have the words from the list in the title and strewn through the body of the post. If they’re going to use me as an unpaid agent, I’m going to make the idiots work their own asses off. Hard.

    1. Indeed, TFG. If Janet Napolitano’s goon squad were serious, though, the list would include “tar” and “feathers”. *heh*

      Oh, meant to add (I’ll blame Early Oldtimers’ Disease for the lapse): whatever the stated purpose, the list will be used to spy on citizens. Some Type 2 “bureaucrap” or Law EnfArcement Ossifer (as distinct from and different to “law enfOrcement officer”) will make sure of that.

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