Happy Hookers to All…

…and to all, a heartfelt shafting.

Well, it’s that time of year once again, when a national jewelry chain runs its ads with advice on how to please prostitutes. You know the ads,

“Every kiss begins with [an expensive gift of jewelery from said jewelery chain]”

So, just remember guys, if you have to pay for it–beginning with “every kiss”–you’re just a John being serviced by a whore. Just keep in mind what this jewelry chain says this season is really all about (and wait for February when it’ll remind you how to pay for Valentine’s Day “kisses”).

Don’t you just love public service minded companies like this one?

It’s finally happened to me here at twc: a spam comment from an Obamabot got through Askimet and was waiting for approval on this post this a.m. Askimet’s usually better than this. Why did I classify it as spam?

  1. The comment had absolutely nothing in its content that was in any way, shape, fasion or form a response or reaction to the content of this post–a sure tipoff.
  2. It was an illiterate, irrational, ignorant, idiotic paean of praise to The Zero, the author’s Obamassiah, The Greatest President in the History of Everything.

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