Wallpapering My Season

*whew* Really late start to my Monday. I know! I’ll waste some more time fooling with meaningless crap on my computer!

OK, so it’s not winter yet, but it’s getting there, so my desktop now reflects the changing season with a snowy Norwegian country lane.

2 Replies to “Wallpapering My Season”

  1. I do the same, change monitor background to suit my mood.

    On a similar note, we gave my folks a door stop in the shape of a turtle, a very heavy turtle. She moves it around the house to different locations to pretend it’s alive and got there on its own. It doesn’t stay in one place very long and has never been used as a door stop.

    1. I’d like to see the turtle doorstop making its way down this wintry lane…

      BTW, the Norwegian part of “snowy Norwegian country lane” has a certain poignancy in our family, as it evokes thoughts of my Wonder Woman’s grandparents and the many relatives (mostly on her mother’s side) who remain in “the old country”. Since her parents both passed away around 20 years ago (her mom 22 years ago, and her dad 19) and they both maintained more than a touch of their Norwegian (especially devout Lutheran Norwegian) heritage, every little Norwegian touch I add is a tip o’ the tam to them as well.

      *heh* Frankly, that was the first thing that attracted my attention to the Opera Web Browser in 1995–that Opera Software is a Norwegian company… and successful nevertheless. (Yeh, that was a stab at the confiscatory taxes in the Norwegian socialist system, which has only worked for Norway because of its heretofore homogeneous society, and less well, as time has “progressed” *heh* and Balkanization of the country via “cultural diversity” memes has “progressed” apace.)

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