Riddle Me This

You’ve probably heard it said, “You never see the bullet that takes you down,” but does that mean you do see the ones that miss? I mean, bullets are pretty darned small and move really fast. Heck, star baseball players with really, really great batting averages can just (really) see only most of the balls pitched their way–the absolute greatest only hit in the 40% range–and baseballs are much, much larger than bullets, and the fastest fastballs travel less than 1/5 the rate of speed of a “slow” .45.

And most pitches are not aimed at the batter, so looking at the balls isn’t quite so dangerous. *heh*

I dunno… “seeing” the bullets that miss would seem to be a low probability event. 🙂

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  1. You do have to wonder about such things. As a cop I made a homicide scene involving a lover’s triangle, well almost. The odd man out, that being shooter, walked up to the front door to confront the other guy about messing around with his woman. When the door opened, according to a witness, the victim stood up to the challenge and said these words, “You haven’t got the guts to look me in the eye and say that”.

    The suspect then shot the other fellow right through the eyeball and that ended the question of whether or not he had the guts to look him in the eye and say that. The victim fell backwards and landed dead on the green carpet. I was unable to ask him if he heard or saw the shot; sorry for not answering your question.

    1. TF, Now, that’s where one wishes that a “medium” could be consulted for info. Yeh, I know one could always find a charlatan to consult, but I already pay politicians to lie to me, so I’m all tapped out there.

    1. Partially the second, Perri, but since “we” (the electorate and, in the case of many Dhimmicrappic officeholders, the dead, the fictional and the felonious) continue to put them in office and allow them to suck our lifeblood, surely lying to us MUST be in the job description somewhere…

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