Super Thanksgiving

Double Celebration. It’s usually pretty easy to remember our wedding anniversary, since we were married the day after Thanksgiving (the rehearsal dinner even doubled as a Family Reunion Thanksgiving meal, served in the poshest of posh settings at my fav aunt & uncle’s home :-)).

This year, Thanksgiving falls on THE day, so it’s a double celebration.

33 years, 13 years on “second chance” (October 1998 was when my Wonder Woman “died” three times in one day and I got to practice CPR on a Not Dummy).

I’m a lucky, lucky guy, and proof of that old law of nature that states that the uglier the guy the better the woman he’ll end up with. *heh*

Son & Heir will be here. Lovely Daughter and her Estimable Spouse will be visiting his relations in Alabama this year. We’ll see them on Sunday. Heck, by then I may even have started assembling my Grolsh beer bottle Christmas “tree”. Or not, since the bay window’s full of my Wonder Woman’s plants this year.

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    1. Indeed, TF. Thanks.

      Lovely Daughter called from her “duty visit” to her Estimable Spouse’s uncle’s place. He’d turned this T-Giving holiday into a multi-family reunion, in “celebration” of getting his nephew to visit. *heh* Perhaps I exaggerate. Perhaps. πŸ˜‰ Many tales of woe leading up to Lovely Daughter and her Estimable Spouse’s visit to his relatives “out of state” this year–including the drive there (long, expensive story). Glad they went, for family peace (his family; ours is as fine as ever).

      I certainly hope y’all had a great day of giving thanks.

    1. Amen!

      After the fact, since my own CPR “training” (such as it was) had been more than 20 years previous to my Wonder Woman’s eventful day (and at that had only been ONE DAY in a Water Safety Instructor certification class), two months later, my son and I took the “modern” classes, and I’ve had a refresher since.

      Highly recommended. While my one day’s class two decades and more before I ever used it was “good enough” to enable the EMTs to have a shot (they’ve since told me she was to that point, and for several years afterwards their ONLY survivor of a similar event… and the only one given CPR before they arrived), I really was lucky, no more practice than I’d had.

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