What is third world county about?

Two sets: “why” and “what”?

The second set, “what do I blog about at TWC” is easy: darned near everything. Political and social issues and trends? Yep. Computer stuff? Uh-huh. Personal events in my life? Yeh, I do some “journal” type blogging at TWC, too. Music, books, other arts? Of course. Plain old silliness? Mais certainment, mon amis! Science and technology, philosophy and theology?

Of course.

Why? There’s just a lot going on in my head all the time.

IOW, as I frequently say, I blog at TWC to silence the voices in my head.


And then there are the other voices I blog about. What’s going on in the blogosphere in general, sometimes, or specifically with blogbuds.

I do not do this for the money. There is none, as far as I have ever seen. (Update! I made $3.43 from blogging last year! *LOL* Still haven’t gotten the check from [Xx]azon.com, though) No one “owns”–or ever will own–or rents my words. Everything here is my observations, my thoughts, my opinions, pure and simple, except where I indicate I am quoting or referring to others’ thoughts, words or deeds. And even then, I’ll attach my own perceptions of those thoughts, words or deeds, if only in how I present them.

And I reserve the right to speak complete nonsense (see “silliness” reference above) if I wish to. Usually, I’ll give some indication that I’m doing so, but if I do write something that’s nonsense, and I don’t hang out some obvious sign that I’m doing so, AND you are simply too dull to catch it, no problems. We’ll both just blame your mother.

Anyone, and I do mean anyone, who attempts to censor TWC had better have a darned good right and reson to do so. As far as I can tell, only God has that right. If the FEC or some other governmental agency attempts to in any way regulate my speech, I’ll spit in their faces.

And I just might mean that literally.

Addendum. For the vast number of folks (all both of you) who have asked for a picture of the evil “mystery”rmind behind third world county, here’s a recent pic I took of myself:


There. That ought to clear things up.

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  1. David –

    You really need to watch those voices in your head! Anyway, I’m glad you are who you are & don’t follow the rest of the lemmings. You wouldn’t be David if you did.


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