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Through him then let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of lips that acknowledge his name. (Hebrews 13:15, ESV)


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January 2015
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Another “Junk Food Junkie” Confession

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Well, not exactly, but. . .

[You’ll need to channel a memory of “Please pass the jelly” from an old Polaner All Fruit commercial for this one. . . ]

Having a jelly glass full of Irish Red with my plain (onion-seasoned) burger and Larry the Cable Guy’s Bacon-“flavored” Macaroni mix (yeh, yeh, there are veggies, too, but still. . . ). Not half bad for a “fast food” meal. Yes, I should (and usually do) cook real meals, but once in a while. . .

Just another gripe about dumbed-down society

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One of the worst failings of many contemporary performers attempting to sing classic songs (or really any songs at all, it seems at times) is that all too many can’t really hear music, let alone perform music. As Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau often said when asked about his facility singing both lieder and opera (thought by many to be vastly different musical genres), “Man muss sich anhören was die Musik sagt.” Those who can’t really hear what the music is saying turn in performances that are either bland and tasteless or inappropriate to the marriage of text and tune. IOW, MOST typical contemporary performing/recording “artists”–except when they “sing” pieces that match their musically-stunted tastes and abilities. But that’s pretty much OK with an audience that has even less ability to discern music.

Just another of the effects predicted by José Ortega y Gasset in The Revolt of the Masses (La rebelión de las masas).

Fischer-Dieskau: “One must listen to what the music says.”

More Blessings from The Holy Brew

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While coffee may have an adverse effect for folks who have Type II Diabetes, folks who might otherwise be at risk, but who have not yet developed this form of diabetes, are likely to find moderate (*meh* ~4 8-oz cups of coffee–NOT some Starbuckian monster drink loosely based on coffee) to be beneficial.

With the growing incidence of Type II Diabetes in the US, one might wonder just how much worse the “epidemic” might be w/o coffee.

Then, of course, there are some other well-known (to coffee aficionados, at least) benefits referenced at the link above: amelioration of the effects of Parkinson’s, protection from liver cancer and cirrhosis of the liver, cardiovascular benefits, etc.

Do note, that for optimum health in otherwise normal, healthy individuals, 48-oz. of coffee/day is right about the upper limit. Strangely, that seems to be about the upper limit for optimum health effects from beer consumption, too. . . (though that would be consumption over time, with meals)


Lastly, of course,

O Blessed Holy Caffeine Tree

Cry “Wolf!”

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“Man Profiles, Attacks Concealed Carrier”

I have a problem with these kinds of provocative articles from supposed “gun rights” advocates. The cited article clearly states that the person who was (wrongly) “tackled” for carrying a gun was a CCW permit holder. . . but was assaulted because some guy SAW HIS GUN. Most CCW state laws say it MUST be CONCEALED (no “printing” either) unless used in a lawful manner (self-defense, etc.). The assailant should definitely be charged with assault, but the CCW holder could be charged for failing to carry his weapon in a manner specified by his license as well.

And the linked post shouldn’t be hyperventilating about the incident and should note where the CCW permit holder was in error. The concealed aspect is pretty much to avoid this sort of thing–loony bin aspirants going off half-cocked and assaulting folks who are doing no harm.

BTW, the linked post wrongly states,


The article the overblown, poorly-written post in the first link refers to clearly states that Daniels was the one assaulted and that his assailant was arrested and charged with battery.

Sloppy writing, sloppy thinking, bad, bad “pro-gun” article. Guy who wrote it should be spanked with a loaded, 30-round AR-15 mag.

Quick! Download the report before the surrender monkeys pull the plug!

Fast Work, eh?

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Well, we’re well into our 20th year here at Third World County Central™, and today I finally installed the last shutoff valve on lines serving plumbing fixtures. Yeh, yeh, I know you think I should have done that within at least the first year living here, but no, not me. Finally had to replace the longest-lasting toilet tank valve, so that line in finally got its own wee shutoff valve.

Of course, I had both the valves handy–the one for the tank and the one for the line, because. . . well, I knew the tasks had to be done sooner or later, so why not have the parts (and tools, of course) on hand, hmmm?

The only little wrinkle was that the shutoff valve for the house. . . didn’t, completely. *sigh* I do NOT want to replace that, so. . . I won’t. Besides, we have planned (and semi-scheduled for Spring/Summer this year) to have the whole line in from the water meter replaced and have it tie into the house at a different place, anyway, so a new whole-house shutoff valve will come there, anyway.

Little things.

The White House a Terrorist Sleeper Cell?

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Better to say, IMO, “The Café au Lait House Is a Terrorist Sleeper Cell,” the way King Putz and his minions seem to do every little thing they can to advance jihad.

Roger L Simon asks the question. . . and he’s not kidding around.

One would think the answer obvious enough to make the question merely a rhetorical device, eh?

Fun, Fun, Fun. . .

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And I don’t even have a T-Bird for “Daddy” to take away. . .

So, our Third World County™ “baling wire and chewing gum” telco has decided to enter the late 20th Century and extend fiber to the house. Sound cool? Notsomuch.

Let me ‘splain. [pause] No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

Fiber to the house means no more power over telco lines (no copper to carry it), and telco line power, or a substitute, is needed for POTS.

So, substitute is. . . a required outdoor power outlet where the telco line enters.

The current location for the telco line is. . . suboptimal, for several reasons. (One reason? Since the fiber line was run in at the street, they’d have to trench around 3/4 of the house to get to the current entrance. Another? The line into the house from the original construction sucks dead bunnies through a straw and needs replacing anyway. There are others.) So, I offered ‘em a place on the South wall of the garage for placement of the new box and entry to the house.

But. No interior POTS wiring there. No electrical circuit with a line to that wall.

In attic:

  • run Cat5e (since I have scads of the stuff) from Network closet to South wall of garage and effect an exit to the location for new box.
  • sever the power to the light in the garage (NOT the line to the light switch!) and install a junction box with a line paying down the South wall of the garage (encased in non-conductive protective material–reasons below)
  • install an exterior, weatherproof outlet/box.

Not such a trouble, but. . .

Yeh, it was.

The garage was originally a carport, as I understand (makes sense from the construction). South wall of garage construction:

Brick shirtwaist between three concrete columns; above that, ordinary stick wall (w/ typical drywall) that was added between the brick shirtwaist and the STEEL BEAM that ties the columns together. So. . . no drilling a hole and fishing cable/wiring through the wall, no.

Then. . . the original wood siding was covered over about 30 years ago with vinyl siding (with styrofoam insulating sheets between the vinyl and the wood siding).

Ugly (and not entirely safe) cable/wiring routing, hence need to cover. Weird layers of materials to penetrate to route wiring/cabling to exterior. Lots of exercise with a ¾” auger bit in a manual brace&bit setup. Destroying as little vinyl siding as possible (temps hovering around freezing, so the stuff’s pretty brittle), using a caulk/sealant that barely works at these temps, repairing drywall, installing a new grounding rod for the system–some semi-techie reasons why I prefer local grounding for the outlet to supplement to circuit grounding: all these and more made for fun, fun, fun.

And THAT’S the short version. *heh*

Just glad I had most of the tools and materials on hand, and wasn’t out much on what I didn’t have, because we don’t use our phone line for anything that fiber would improve (voice only) and I’m SURE the phone company, besides using MY power, now, will end up raising my rate for basic POTS service.

Oh, well. Part of the price one pays for living in an otherwise ideal Third World County™.

Oh, it’s nice to have decent POTS wiring in the house now. AND, when the guys come by to trench for the line to the house, I got ‘em to commit to hauling off a bunch of yard waste–I made sure it was right in the route from the street to the new box ;-)– and put the fence back afterwards. *heh* So, at least I’ll have something for the telco’s use of my electricity.

All Hail Bacon-Boy

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Another must-read from Chris Muir’s Day By Day:


How to Stay Alive: a Helpful Tip

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One simply does NOT play (or worse, sing) this song in my Wonder Woman’s presence if one wants to stay alive. . .