Dangerous to Whom?

The Puffington Host touts the bill referenced in the linked article as “The Most Dangerous Bill You’ve Never Heard Of.” Dangerous to whom? Certainly not to citizens who are concerned about the tsunami of “feddle gummint” encroachment on their rights. Hmmm, must be dangerous to statists and other anacho-tyrannists. . .

This bill is barely a start on reversing the illegitimate encroachment on God-given rights that darned near the whole apparatus of the “feddle gummint bureaucrappy” has become.

Tightwad Tip

Like those wet wipe cleaning cloths but dislike (relatively) expensive one-use throwaways? Try this:

One part isopropyl alcohol
one part white vinegar
one part water
a few drops of dish soap
an “essential oil” that appeals to you (optional)
some clean rags (I have a bunch of cheap microfiber cloths I used for my “kitchen batch” of these)
a glass jar with a lid

That’s it. Mix the liquids. Rags in jar. Liquid mix poured on top. When you need a cleaning rag for kitchen or bath, open the jar, take a cloth and squeeze out any extra cleaning solution. Replace ,id. Clean.

When you are finished cleaning with the rag/cloth, just launder it and then re-treat.

Isopropyl alcohol is inexpensive, as is vinegar. Cleaning cloths can be as cheap as just about any old absorbent cloth rag. A few drops of dish soap? *pfui* Heck, the most expensive thing, relative to amount used, might be your choice of an “essential oil.”

Pro tip: if you elect to add an essential oil, choose one with cleaning and/or disinfectant properties–preferably both. I added a few drops of melaleuca oil to my cleaning solituon, for those rasons. Oh, and I like the aroma, though it’s a bit faint with so much vinegar.

A Simple EPREP Tip

Ever have unreliable water because of service problems (widespread power outage or other). . . and would have found a simple, reliable method for purification/disinfection handy?


Oh, and lay in a supply of coffee filters and charcoal (for sediment and taste), if you want. As effective as most expensive methods, easier than boiling, especially if you’ve not *cough* prepared for an alternate method of cooking, and your primary method is interrupted.

Just have a few clear, 2-liter PET bottles handy, and some coffee filters, and you’re good to go for cleaning and disinfecting a source of suspect water.

Works also for camping. Does take six hours of sunlight, though.

Do note that you probably ought to have at least 3 days’ potable water safely stored at home, anyway, as well as a day’s supply in your car, just in case. Water for personal hygiene can be less stringently obtained and stored (tap water in safe storage vessels should be good enough for general washing), but drinking water–potable water–is more important for general emergency preparation, whether it be for storms, widespread power outages, or whatever.

Just sayin’.

My observant reader *heh* will note. . .

That something different is goin’ on here at America’s Third World County. . .

Yeh, the theme I’d used for years was broken by an incompatible WP upgrade, and I’m reduced to using an outa the box plain vanilla theme. Probably for the best. I may reinstall a few of the plugins I once had installed and re-list a (very trimmed down) set of blogs and other features. . . eventually.

Meanwhile, I think this will just serve as what it became six or seven years ago, after its first six or seven years as. . . something else, and just be the place where the voices in my head are free to utter. . . whatever opinions they have. (I’m always interested in what they have to say, whether anyone else is or not. 😉 )

Thinning the Herd?


So, got a bill for Medicare Part B. Was expecting the rate quoted me on the phone and online. Was 3X as much.

Now, folks who are subliterate or simply stupid might have had a heart attack or some such, thus thinning the herd, as it were. *heh* Of course, I read on, and although nowhere did the accompanying documentation say it was a quarterly premium, there was a brief note stating it was for 01/01/17-01/03/31, so it was no biggie.

But I can still see some doofus who’s been TOLD the bill would be 1/3 the amount shown get all red in the face, stroke out or have a heart attack, simply because he’d not read (or understood?) the accompanying documentation.

Oh, a moron from Australia (who keeps finding his way into my SPAM folder) said something stupid (as always) about “. . .the small patch of ground between Canada and Mexico,” referring to the US. Yeh, including the mostly desolate wastes of Australia, his own “continent” amounts to just about 10,000 square miles more than the continental US.

Still, with less than 10% of the official US population, there’s room for such massive stupidity in Australia.

See? This is why I check my SPAM folder. Every now and then, I find something mockworthy.

*meh* What Do I Know, Anyway?

Confession: I saw “It’s a Wonderful Life” once, when I was 18. Didn’t like it. I found it to be too artificially manipulative and full of stereotypes. The plot was also dissatisfying.

It’s a lousy Christmas movie.

*shrugs* What do I know, anyway. . .

Happy Day to My Wonder Woman

Actually, maybe even happier day to me.

38 years ago today was the day after Thanksgiving, and also the day after our rehearsal dinner (hosted by my Aunt Bettie and Uncle Milton at their home). I can’t claim to have a coherent memory of the day, because, well, it was my wedding day, I was sick, and I was on whatever it was my mom had given me to help me deal with a (typical for me any time something significant was going on in my life) monster cold. *heh*

My lil house was jammed full of siblings and parents, and I’m not too sure it was built for the six extra people it held. . . but, eh, I was only semi-conscious of the crowd.

And then, there she was.


And now, here she is.

She tells me she loves me still.

I tell her it’s not my fault. *heh*

Happy anniversary, sweetheart.

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Just Goofing Around

Virtualbox on a Linux Mint machine running a Win7 VM with a Puppy Linux VM running on that (off a thumb drive) with a sandboxed browser searching with DuckDuckGo loaded from an anonymizer proxy service.


Nah. Just maybe a wee tad safer than using a compromised TOR session. . .


(Yeh, yeh, old news. But doing the above was still amusing. 🙂 )

Language Fun

So, I streamed a movie. It’s in German with Romanian (or thereabouts–some Eastern Eurpoean Romance language) subtitles. . . overlaid by English subtitles. The English subtitling cuts out halfway through. *meh* By that time, the dual language “refresher” has made the dialog still intelligible, so. . . enjoyed the rest of the movie.

Reminded me of watching the Swedish version of the Stieg Larsson “Girl With/Who” trilogy. Sure, I have and had read the books beforehand and knew the story line and characters, but by the second movie, I was pretty much following the dialog w/o the subtitles. Fun.

BTW, I later tried to watch the Hollyweird version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and. . . no. Just no. Not even nearly as good as the Swedish version.