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September 2014
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Gripe #3,286,169 (But other than that, life’s juuuuust fine. . . )

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Some of this might be a bit repetitious, but since those who need to read these gripes just AREN’T PAYING ATTENTION*, here ya go:

I’d like to put “cross hair” in my crosshairs, along with “on to” misused in place of “onto,” and, conversely, any number of other misused adjectives and adverbs people use in place of the adjective-noun phrase they are misused in place of: “backseat” and “backyard” instead of “back seat” and “back yard,” and “anyone” and “anything” for “any one” and “any thing,” for but a few examples of misuses common to people whose verbal vocabulary has far outstripped their subliterate written vocabulary.

Thatisall. For now. . .

*Just like such people paid no attention in English classes, and just like their so-called English (or, more likely nowadays, “language arts” *gagamaggot*) teachers likely paid no attention in THEIR classes, from all indications.

And yes, I know the statement immediately above is completely unacceptable syntax in formal, or even business, writing. I DGARA. At least it contains no misused words, the subject of this gripe.

I Wouldn’t Exactly Shout “Crucify Him!”

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. . .though his embrace of the “messiah” title a few years ago might make that seem appropriate, and I suppose *sigh* that drawing and quartering are right out the window (that pesky Eighth Amendment), but. . .

IF the outbreaks of enterovirus sweeping the country can be and are traced back to illegals encouraged to enter and allowed to stay by executive action in violation of immigration law, then wouldn’t it be a Good Thing for suit to be brought by the various states (and individuals; class action, perhaps) affected against the administration seeking relief from damages? And would it not be just and proper to press for the voiding of qualified immunity for individuals whose ILLEGAL actions led to the outbreak (if the above linkage could be demonstrated) in order that they might be held personally responsible and punitive damages sought against them as individuals, all the way to the White House?

These suits could then be followed by prison and terms on chain gangs making little rocks from big ones. For life. In lieu of execution for treason.

Flogging, tarring and feathering would just be icing on the cake.

Evil Is as Evil Does

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I’m once again questioning my FarceBook participation.

Stopping Zuckerberg’s ‘terrorism network’

From the link:

What are the reasons Facebook allowed the “Third Intifada Page” to remain online for so long while people were dying? The truth is simple: Zuckerberg is more concerned with increasing viewership and participation in the Middle East and elsewhere for his personal financial gain by increasing the value of any future public offering of shares than he is concerned with saving peoples’ lives. To Zuckerberg, if saving lives decreases viewership, he will have no part in it. Zuckerberg has become well aware that furthering and allowing terrorist death threats to remain on Facebook increases readership, which boosts the value of his shares. Facebook’s commercial objective has also obviously been to raise its user base to boost Facebook’s profits, and he will stop at nothing to make it happen.

Just Another Gripe

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It’s always pretty easy to tell when an author (and his proofreader(s) and editor) has a weak vocabulary, usually based on a verbal vocabulary, often misheard and spoken by others who have weak vocabularies. Example? Sure, here’s one:

“Tag him?” I felt a laugh rising from within and I let it slip. “Is that a crude aphorism [sic] for sex?”

The word the subliterate author was groping for that his subliterate proofreader(s) and editor were just as ignorant of was “euphemism.”

Only a P-Sych-Ologist Would Be Capable of Out-Crazying Stacy McCain

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But p-sychs try, day in and day out to be crazier than any sane person can imagine. . . and all too often succeed (witness the DSM in all its deteriorata). Stacy McCain’s latest diatribe against the stupidities of contemporary feminism includes this brilliant observation:

While I will stop short of saying that the entire field of psychology is an outright scam, it is not always easy to tell the difference between psychology and a three-card monte hustle. Perhaps a couple of weeks of therapeutic sessions could help me overcome my resentment of pretentious snobs and Ivy League assholes, except that my resentment of them is entirely rational. These snobs and assholes are determined to destroy everything good and decent in American life, and every honest and intelligent citizen ought to be fighting to stop them, while there is still anything in this country worth fighting to save.

Amen. Preach on, brother.

Mediacom: Sucking Dead Bunnies Through a Straw Sideways (and Spewing Them Out on Customers)

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Well, it’s now official. Mediacom sucks dead bunnies through a straw. Sideways. It doesn’t really affect me so much, because the Internet service is mostly OK, but the channel listings have been culled to the point that the already sparse selection of channels with something frequently _nearly_ worth watching is even smaller, while propaganda from CSPAN has tripled and a number of offensive holy roller crap channels that approach (or embrace) heresy have been added.

For nearly 20 years, the number of channels has varied very little–a few added here and there over the years, but not all that many. Suddenly, although our TV scan finds almost the same number of channels, only about 1/3 the raw number still display, the channels that do are very, very different in most cases (and complete and utter crap in those cases).

Unfortunately, the shows my Wonder Woman enjoys are not available (or not *cough* legitimately *cough* available) on the web, except through some sort of paywall, but it may come to excising the TV charges from our “service” and doing the paywall crap, just to get away from Mediacom’s disgusting schemes.

I Knew Better. . .

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But I decided to check out Saturday evening television.

First, commercials. LG apparently has a target demographic defined by idiocy. Latest LG phone commercial touts its ability to take great “pichers”. Not even “pitchers,” just “pichers.”


Then, of course, since OTA reception here is. . . grainy and spotty to non-existent on both channels that are available OTA. . . cable. And what has Mediacom decided to do this month? “Improve” our service by moving channels all over the place and “improving” delivery of some channels to make the picture grainy to the point of almost unwatchable (but only channels we happen to find offer a few moderately interesting shows).

And then. . . the only even minimally bearable viewing offered tonight is reruns of Big Bang Theory.

Fortunately, I have plenty of books to read.

I Need This on a T-Shirt

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[Seen in a comment over at Sarah Hoyt's place--and I DO want this on a t-shirt!]

“I am a member of the White Male Patriarchy. I have places to go, and women and minorities to oppress.”

Stolen Foods

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Well, not exactly, but I did take this “not-quite-a-recipe” from Mostly Cajun, All American and Opinionated and kinda run with it.

To his “not-quite-a-recipe” I added some sucralose to taste after adding some green beans to my corn-red beans-“on-yum”-and-garbanzo mix. Actually, I took the water from my canned corn and canned green beans and added the sucralose and about a cup of balsamic vinegar, added in about a teaspoon of freshly-ground pepper and. . . ended up filling two wide-mouth quart jars to chill in the fridge.

So, building off his recipe

a can of garbanzos, drained
a can of red (kidney) beans, drained
a small can of corn (use the liquid)
can of green beans (use the liquid)
about a cup and a half of defrosted frozen green peas
some (not sure how much) chopped “on-yum” (Yum!)
coupla tablespoons of sucralose
about a teaspoon of freshly-ground black pepper
about a cup of balsamic vinegar (candy!)

I didn’t salt anything, since all the canned goods were pre-salted anyway and the balsamic vinegar is just tooooooo delicious to detract from with more salt..

This will be a staple. I just wish I’d had some wax beans handy for more color variation. . . And I might just add a few red pepper flakes, like The Cajun did.

Salsa “Notarecipe” #n, whatever

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Ever had a salsa and thought, “mmm, almost, but not quite”? Yeh, me too. I no longer search for the perfect salsa or the perfect salsa recipe, because taste is such an idiosyncratic thing.

Here’s what I currently use for my Average Joe Salsa. I pick up a so-so (actually not half bad) jar of “hot” (it is to laugh) tomato-based salsa at my fav dollar store. (Why spend more than a buck?) Pick a few small roma tomatoes and some peppers (my jalapeños are in right now) from the garden. Take some garlic, onion and the tomatoes and peppers and whir ‘em up in a food processor. Add ‘em to the cheapo salsa and, pretty darned good.

I avoid cilantro, because unless it’s cooked, it’s just nasty. I also avoid (like the plague) the salsa that’s not “Made in New York City?!?” because it’s nothing but some almost indiscernible red and green stuff added to really salty water.

But there you have it. Pick a prepared salsa that’s sorta OK and kick it up with whatever fresh ingredients float your boat. THAT’S the secret to really tasty salsa, IMO.