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August 2016
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A Brief Comment About the Use of “Grammar Nazi”

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“Grammar Nazi” is a term widely misused by folks on the Internet to refer to anyone who takes umbrage at illiterate abuse of language. It is a term of derision mean to the shield the user’s ego, usually after their own subliterate (or downright illiterate) abuse of English. Seriously insecure people are “offended” by others’ abuse of English being corrected.

Grammar~Syntax?Structure, logic, reason, all affecting the clear transmission of meaning. The more “noise” in the transmission, the shallower and less meaningful the transmission.

Phonemes (and their analogs in print) are just noise absent syntax and semantics.

Syntax: structure (99% of grammar). Affects semantics.

Semantics: meaning–the transmission of which is the sole justification for language.

“Now there abide these three: phonemes, syntax, and semantics; and the greatest of these is semantics.”

Where phonemes (and their analogs in print) are poorly transmitted (poor pronunciation or poor spelling), meaning is less well transmitted. Where syntax is garbled (spoken or in text) meaning is less well transmitted.

If these are important when speaking or writing in a “foreign” language (and they most CERTAINLY are!), then they are just as important when speaking one’s own, “native,” language.

Nazism does not apply, since fascist socialism has no place in any of these things.

The Primary Skill of Some. . .

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Nowadays, some folks’ primary skill is blame-shifting. (and right now I’m thinking of folks in the medical field–really).

The farago of stalls, incompetencies, and finger-pointing surrounding my Wonder Woman’s recent efforts to have her broken arm actually treated is bind-moggling.

No insurance delays, all paperwork in multiple times, broken arm still–nine days later–in the emergency room’s temporary splint. Osteo says he’s still waiting on clearance from cardio and primary care doctor for surgery, while primary care doctor says has long since been given, with cardio’s blessing attached.

Somebody is lying.

Pop Culture Is “Misunderedumacated”

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Two simple examples:

Geographical “illiteracy”: time after time on “remodeling” or “house flip” shows, folks referring to a peninsula as an “island.” Sometimes, folks’ll refer to the same feature as both. Folks who have no concept of the difference between a peninsula and an island are illiterate.

N.B. “Material literacy“. . . ain’t. Literacy, that is. Having common, ordinary, everyday words in one’s (written or verbal) vocabulary and not knowing what those words mean? Yeh, “misunderedumacated.”

Here’s another very simple example, though just one of many in the long, long list of words people use without even knowing what they are saying: lay vs. lie:

“Lay” takes a direct object: one lays down a book. “Lie” takes a subject: I lie down on the sofa.

The (simple) past tense of “lay” is “laid.” The (simple) past tense of “lie” is “lay” or when “lie” is used in the sense of “wittingly utter a falsehood” the (simple) past tense is “lied.” At least the past participles are easier: lay?[has/had/have] laid; lie?[has/had/have] lain; lie (utter falsehood)?[has/had/have] lied. *heh*

Ain’t English fun?

If you ever have trouble remembering which to use–lay or lie–just remember: Bob Dylan got it wrong. “Lay, lady, lay, lay across my big brass bed. . . ” would have had red pencil through each of the “lays” had he submitted it in an English class. . . if the teacher had been literate, that is. 😉

BTW, the “subject/object” issue raises its ugly head all over the place, but it’s especially glaring when people use the first person personal pronoun,”I,” in an objective position, when “me” is called for.

It’s just people who aren’t really literate showing their “misunderedumacation.”

It’s the Little Things #3,485,326

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I had to chuckle. While listening to a rendition of “Mitt hjerte alltid vanker” (a yootoob low quality recording, but still beautiful), I read a few of the comments. First one commented that “Norwegian is such a majestic language.”

OK, a wee tad amusing by itself, but the song was in. . . Danish. Close (very close), but no cigar. Amusing.

The Trumpery’s Fav “Bible Verse”?

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[Sidebar: it’s not just subliterate, lying politicians who make up “scripture.” I’ve known more than a few literate “preachers” who have done so wittingly.]

I hear that The Trumpery’s favorite verse from “Two Corinthians” actually starts out that way. Two Corinthians Two:Two (Trumpery Standard Version) “Two Corinthians walk into a bar. . . “

Silly Hivemind Podpeople

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Saw a question posed by a Talking Head Podperson:

“Are the Presidential Debates ‘Rigged’ Against Trump?”


If they were real debates, then The Trumpery wouldn’t have an even vain hope against even the worst public speaker on the national stage, the Queenie Cacklepants Cylon (Worst? Why, its Human Emulation Module is so defective that every time it engages, the thing looks and sounds like a deranged Bonobo chimp wearing a defective shock collar, that’s how bad the thing is).

As it is, with Mass Media Podpeople Hivemind Talking Heads posing their agenda-driven questions (no doubt directly from the Hivemind’s daily download from the mothership orbiting Uranus–well, it’s as ‘kind and gentle’ a spin to put on the Hivemind’s monolithic narrative as any), all The Trumpery has to do to energize his base s show up and berate the Hivemind Podpeople for their biased approach.

Nah, what would REALLY stack the deck against The Trumpery would be if Gary Johnson were included in the show trial “debates.” THAT would chap his gizzard no end. Oh, and the Queenie Cacklepants Cylon? It’d need a LOT more oil on its disposal chute’s hinges to try to dump enough fecal matter (salvaged from banal politicians, concentrated and stored for use in its pronouncements) to make any impact at all.

Urgent Need for Organ Donors

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The Trumpery needs a brain. Anyone who has a brain to spare, please take note.

Meanwhile, The Queenie Cacklepants Cylon needs a new heart. It ate the heart of the little child it had sitting on its desk.

Just How bad Is Mediacom Internet Service?

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Let me offer a data point. Mediacom has a 250GB/month “data allowance.” Today is the first day of a new billing cycle, so the data allowance was supposedly cleared.

The cable “modem” was disconnected from 2200 hours 07/21 until 0815 on 07/22. Mediacom reports that at 0820, we had used 3GB of our monthly data allowance.

Yeh, by checking our email between 0815 and 0820 we used 3GB of our data allowance. Right.

No, just more Mediacom “service.”

Existential Questions

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I ask people, “How am I?” because I want THEM to deal with an existential question that doesn’t intimately involve their own existence.

If someone asks me how I am, I tell them I don’t answer existential questions on days ending in “y”.

Really? (Dunning-Kruger Redux)

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From a FarceBook, urmm, farce post:


Oh, really? I can falsify that “Romanist Contrarian” argument in one statement:

Isaiah 1:18, for but one reference, makes it clear that white has indeed been used to represent purity: “‘Come now, let us settle the matter,’ says the LORD. ‘Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.'”

IMO, anyone living in an English-speaking society who is unfamiliar with classic biblical quotations is [formally] illiterate.

Methinks “The Romanist Contrarian” may be afflicted with Dunning-Kruger Syndrome. . . *sigh*